The WDDV is a wireless door mounted viewer as well as security device. It consists of outdoor and indoor unis, enabling users to communicate with a person out the door using a smartphone App everywhere and through any network (LAN, WAN, 3/4G). WDDV supports over the cloud, one-way video and two-way audio streaming-to and monitored-from Android or iOS applications.

Wi-Fi Digital Door Viewer


A WDDV consists of Internal Door Unit (“IDU”) and External Door Unit (“EDU”)
connected with a flat data cable through the door


IDU consists of:


  • Processing unit

  • Wi-Fi module

  • RF module

  • Speaker

  • LCD

  • USB interface

  • Buttons and LEDs


EDU consists of:


  • Video and audio CODEC

  • Camera

  • Microphone

  • Speaker

  • Buttons and LEDs


WDDV and App integrated features:


  • WDDV / App matching

  • Call from WDDV to Apps

  • Monitoring WDDV from App

  • Emergency call from WDDV

  • LCD monitoring

  • Still pictures and video & audio recording and playback on App